Methanol Use

Nowadays, methanol is used as raw material in many industries, environment friendly fuel and also in a lot of other industries. Mainly we can name:

  • formaldehyde production for use in MDF and plywood industry
  • Melamine resin production for use in range of utensil, inbuilt switches and ranges of industrial glue.
  • Acetic acid productionfor use in VAM andcellulose acetate in textile industry.
  • Methyl Metacrylate (PMAA) for use in laminates.
  • Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE) production as a gas online enhancer
  • Producing DME for substituting diesel fuel.
  • Mixing with petrol for car engine fuel usage.
  • Producing ethylene and propylene as raw material of


Analytical Parameter Method Unit Value
Appearance IMPCA 003-98 - CFSM
Purity on Dry Basis IMPCA 001-14 wt% Min 99.85
Acetone content IMPCA 001-14 mg/kg Max 30
Ethanol IMPCA 001-14 mg/kg Max 50
Color Pt-Co ASTM D 1209-11 Pt-Co Max 5
Water ASTM E 1064-12 wt% Max 0.1
Distillation Range at 760 mm Hg ASTM D 1078-11 °C Max 1.0
Initial Boiling Point (IBP) ASTM D 1078-11 °C Max 64.7
Dry point (DP) ASTM D 1078-11 °C Min 64.5
Specific Gravity@20°/20° °C ASTM D 4052-11 - 0.791 – 0.793
PTT at 15°C ASTM D 1363-11 Minutes Min 60
Chloride as Cl- IMPCA 002-98 mg/kg Max 0.5
Sulphur ASTM D 5453-12 mg/kg Max 0.5
Hydrocarbons ASTM D 1722-09 Visual Pass test
Carbon sable Substances (Sulfuric Acid Wash) ASTM E 346-08 Pt-Co Max 30
Acidity as Acetic Acid ASTM D 1613-12 mg/kg Max 30
Total Iron ASTM E 394-09 mg/kg Max 0.1
Non Volatile Matter ASTM D 1353-13 mg/1000ml Max 8